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Self Managed Super Funds

When considering SMSF lending please ensure your broker has done this before.

Loanbuilder is a specialist in SMSF Lending. It has all the recommended products to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

No matter the size of your Self-Managed Super Fund, or your level of knowledge, we can provide you with straightforward solutions. Each bank has different rules, surrounding liquidity, funds required and history of contributions.

Loanbuilder will support you through this SMSF loan maze, ensuring the best option is sourced for your Super Fund.

We provide solutions from specialist lenders, tailor-made for your unique requirements. We simplify the process of SMSF Lending by educating you about your options and assisting you through the process. Each have different costs, interest rates, required deposits, liquidity and time constraints.

Buying property in an SMSF usually requires the input of a financial advisor, accountant, conveyancer, insurance specialist and mortgage broker. Loan Builders network of professional’s draws together the parties required to complete an SMSF Home Loan transaction or works with your current network, ensuring you benefit from the expertise.  We will maintain the end-to-end management of your SMSF Loan to settlement.

Whether it is residential or commercial properties to be financed in your SMSF we can help.

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