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High Income Earners

High income earners need different products and services.

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There are a range of concerns that need to be addressed for high-income earners. Given the high proportion of income that is paid in tax, ways to minimise this liability are repeatedly a concern.

A range of both basic and advanced tax strategies and investment options can be explored. Lending required to compliment these strategies are specialised and need prudent experience.

Asset and debt structuring can be key to successful tax, personal liability and wealth creation. Loanbuilder works closely with your financial planner and accountant to ensure lending solutions compliment these strategies.

Loanbuilder has extensive experience consulting with accountants and financial planners so that your strategies are realised. Whatever your situation and goals we will assist and ensure a true concierge experience is maintained at the time of the transaction and beyond.


We look forward to understanding your needs and providing direct communication with our Director Gavin Frith to ensure the highest level of experience and representation is achieved.

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